Hygiene Assistant

Company Name: Oak Creek Dental
Website/URL: oakcreekdental.com
Location: Columbus/Westerville area

Education Requirements: Dental Assistant
Schedule: Full-Time
Certification Requirements: Radiology
Experience Required: Any
Job Description:

Our private practice is growing and we are excited to add a new assistant to our highly energetic hygiene team! We are proud to offer 5-star customer experience to all of our guests in a practice where quality care is our primary focus. We offer medical insurance, vacation and sick time, 401K and uniform allowance. Please include an email address with your resume.

Job Type: Full-time
* Our doctors are kind, professional and respectful to all team members.
* Scheduled lunches that you will not be asked to skip or work through
* Assisted hygiene shifts provide a hygiene assistant and still provide RDH with 40 minutes dedicated patient time. We do not “double book” our hygienists.
* No sales of any retail products – you are a care provider – not a salesperson.
* Exceptionally supportive team dedicated to helping you provide excellent patient care.
* We would love to schedule a paid working interview if you have interest.

Instructions For Applicant:

Contact Misty at 614-882-5525 or misty@oakcreekdental.com